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BU Assessment Philosophy:

The BU Exams and Rating System have been carefully designed and tested to provide a complete and accurate assessment and evaluation of playing ability.

The examination process is broken into two parts, both of which consist of drills and challenges at the table.  The first portion (Exam I – Fundamentals) is a fundamentals assessment and placement examination that measures all important basic pool skills (aim, alignment, stroke, ball pocketing, speed control, and cue ball control).  The second portion (Exam II – Skills) is a skills proficiency examination that tests specific skills important in a variety of game situations (position play, strategy, defensive play, kicks, banks, jacked-up shots, jumps, and the break).

There are three levels of Exam II (Skills) designated Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate.  The score on Exam I determines which Exam II the student is placed into, based on the demonstrated level of ability.  All three Skills Exams test the complete set of pool skills necessary to be a good pool player, albeit at different levels.  The drills are consistent, with increasing mastery from one diploma level to the next.  This makes it easy for the student as they progress up through the diploma levels, and the increasing difficulty encourages and assesses continued improvement.

The total combined score on Exam I and Exam II provides a single rating number corresponding to different levels of playing ability.  Also, the total score (regardless of Exam II placement) indicates the player rating and diploma achieved directly.

Guiding Principles During Development of the BU Exams and Rating System: