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Your BU score determines if you have earned a pool diploma according to the following ranges:

BU Score 55-84 85-99 100-124 125-139 140-179 180-200
Bachelors Bachelors
with Honors
Masters Master
with Honors
Doctorate Doctorate
with Honors

The diplomas are professionally printed on high-quality parchment paper suitable for framing. Here's an example of what is included:

BU diploma


If you achieved a diploma-level score, you can obtain a diploma and receive official recognition on the BU alumni list in either of the three following ways:

1.) Submit videos of your examinations via YouTube (see instructions below), pay the diploma fee on the BU purchase page, and complete and submit the online diploma application form. NOTE – It is easiest to first save the diploma application PDF file to your computer (e.g., by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Save link as ...") and then open and edit the file on your computer, rather than attempting to edit and submit the file from within a browser.


2.) Visit a BU instructor and have him or her administer your exams. The instructor will then complete and submit the form and payment for you.


3.) Attend a BU Summer School Boot Camp. You will take the exams during the weekend to earn a diploma in person.

Video Recording and Online Submittal:

Refer to the detailed BU Exam instructions document for details on how to prepare and submit an online application. Here's a video demonstrating how to record official exam runs:

And here's a video demonstrating how to complete and submit the diploma application form:

Why You Should Work Toward a Diploma: