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BU Instructor How-To Guide


Why Should I Become a BU Instructor?


How Do I Become a BU Instructor?

To be added to the official BU instructor list, you need to do the following:

    1. Get certified by a billiards instruction organization (PBIA, BCA, ACS, CIIA, or any other reputable organization that certifies pool instructors), attend a BU Summer School Boot Camp, or get private lessons through Dr. Dave's Pool School. The certification requirement can be waived in special cases (e.g., by invitation from Dr. Dave).

    2. Apply for a diploma either for yourself or a student. If you are submitting an application for a student, you do not need to post videos ... you can just complete the diploma application form for your student as an instructor.

    3. E-mail Dr. Dave your certification information (if not waived) and the name listed on the diploma application and ask to be added as a BU affiliate instructor.

There is no cost (application fee or annual membership dues) to remain on the BU instructor list. You just need to remain active in the BU (by selling a diploma or DVDs at least once every 2 years).


What Do the Different BU Instructor Designations Mean?

BU cofounders David Alciatore and Randy Russell serve as the BU Dean and Registrar, respectively.  They, along with eight other Founding Professors serve as the governing body of the BU.  The Founding Professors are responsible for maintaining the high standards and integrity of the BU and its reputation.  They also serve as advisors to the Dean and Registrar, who have final say on BU matters.  The Founding Professors are: Dave Alciatore (BU cofounder and Dean), Jerry Briesath, Mark Finkelstein, Randy Goettlicher, Bob Jewett, Mike Page, Randy Russell (BU cofounder and Registrar), Tom Simpson, and Mark Wilson. They were selected based on their reputations as excellent and experienced instructors and instructional authors who were also dedicated to the BU mission.

A collection of additional well-known and respected instructors were also invited to participate in the BU as Senior Instructors.  Any instructors can join the BU as an "affiliate instructor" and be promoted to the higher designations based on level of participation. Privileges among the instructor designations are as follows:


Senior Instructor:

Affiliate Instructor:

All Professors, Senior Instructors, and Affiliate Instructors, collectively referred to as BU instructors, are listed and promoted on the BU website, with more visibility given to the higher-designation and higher-seniority members. The Professors have top billing as the featured BU instructors. Instructors are listed on the website in the order that they joined or were promoted. All BU instructors will remain on the website until they ask to be removed or until they become inactive (i.e., have no diploma or DVD sales) for more than 2 years.


How Do I Get Promoted to the Next Higher Instructor Designation?

Affiliate Instructor to Senior Instructor:

Senior Instructor to Professor:

Promoted instructors are listed on the BU website in the order that they are promoted. To remain a BU instructor, you must have at least a minimum level of activity in the BU (e.g., sell at least one diploma or DVD within a 3-year period, or be waived of the requirement by Dr. Dave).


Where do I find resources for teaching?

You can use the BU playing-ability exams for student assessment and training, and for monitoring improvement over time. There is also a wealth of instructional resources available on the Instructor and Student Teaching and Learning Resources page at billiards.colostate.edu. You can use the summary pages and handouts there to assemble training manuals for your students. The BU instructional DVD series, BU resources, and other instructional products available from Dr. Dave are also excellent learning and teaching resources.


How Will I Get Students Interested in Getting a Diploma?

Your job as a BU instructor is to inspire your students (or potential students) to strive for a BU diploma as a motivating goal. Here is the list of benefits you can share with a potential student to let them know what participation in the BU diploma process will provide:


How Will I Make Money as a BU Instructor?

The profits from all instructor-generated diploma and DVD sales are shared by the BU and the instructor (i.e., you get a discount) based on instructor designation as follows.


BU retail price




physical diploma

$100 + $3.50 S&H




electronic diploma





website-only “diploma”





5-DVD set w/ case

$135 + $6.50 S&H




3-DVD set w/case

$85 + $5.50 S&H





$25 + $3.50 S&H




: Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots
VEPP: Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice
VEEB: Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball
VENT: Video Encyclopedia of Nine-ball and Ten-ball
BU: Billiard University Instructional Series
HAPS: How to Aim Pool Shots
TIPOPAB: The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

Each discounted amount in the table above is the total price (i.e., shipping is already included).

You can order DVDs to have on hand for yourself or for direct sales to students, or you can have the BU drop-ship DVDs directly to your students. You can charge whatever you want to your students, but we recommend the retail price (unless you want to share your discount with them). Here's a good product information and purchasing advice guide that might help both you and your students in deciding what to purchase.

The physical diplomas are not shipped internationally. Also, DVD sets shipped internationally do not include the cases, but the cost is the same to account for the added shipping costs.

To order DVD sets

There are two ways to order DVDs or diplomas, either for yourself or for students. You can use PayPal to send the exact amount owed, or you can first purchase what you want and then request a partial refund. The two procedures are detailed below. Use whichever method is easier for you.

Send the exact amount due, based on the discounted prices in the table above:

    1. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you will need to create one here: PayPal.com.
    2. Login to your PayPal account, click on the "Money" tab at the top of the screen, click on "Send or request money," and click on "Send money to friends and family" (for no additional fee). Enter "diploma@BilliardUniversity.org" and the amount owed per the table above. Click on "Add a note" and list the product(s) ordered and include the full name and shipping address. Be sure to click on "Send Money Now" at the bottom of the final screen.
    3. The BU will then ship whatever you order directly to the address provided.


Purchase at full price and request a discount:

    1. Purchase what you want at DrDaveBilliards.com (for any DVDs) or on the BU purchase page (for a diploma), paying the full price.
    2. E-mail Dr. Dave asking for the BU instructor discount and he will immediately issue a partial refund for the difference.
    3. If you want the products sent to a student mailing address instead of yours, include the complete mailing address in the e-mail.

The unit price for each product (from the table above) is the same regardless of the number ordered unless the quantity is 10 or higher (per product), in which case you should contact Dr. Dave (970-482-8229 or e-mail) for lower prices and a combined lower S&H charge.

To order a diploma

For a student who has completed the exams under your supervision, follow the same procedure above for sending payment, but also complete and submit the diploma application form. No videos are required.

General advice

Instructors are encouraged to charge retail prices for the diploma and/or DVD sets; although, you are free to offer lower prices (e.g., as part of a package deal).  Instructors are encouraged to include a diploma and/or DVD sets as part of the price for a lesson, workshop, clinic, or course specifically geared toward achieving a BU diploma (for example, as we do with the BU Summer School Boot Camps). You can also offer DVDs and a diploma as options to your students (at additional costs above your normal fee). You can also offer a BU examination service for a fee, which would include the price of the diploma.

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