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BU Instructor Information

Contact information for all of the current BU instructors can be found here: complete list of the current BU Instructors. All BU instructors can provide training and administer examinations for diploma applications. The BU also offers annual Summer School Boot Camps to provide intensive training and evaluation. If you want to become a BU instructor, see the BU Instructor How-To Guide.

BU Instructor Designations

The BU has three designations of instructors: professor, senior instructor, and affiliate instructor. For more information on instructor qualifications, requirements, and profit sharing, see the BU Instructor How-To Guide.

The founding professors (Dr. Dave Alciatore, Jerry Briesath, Mark Finkelstein, Randy Goettlicher, Bob Jewett, Mike Page, Tom Simpson, Mark Wilson, and Randy Russell) serve as the governing body of the BU.  They are responsible for maintaining the high standards and integrity of the BU and its reputation.

Other instructors who join the BU advance through the designations of affiliate instructor, senior instructor, and professor based on their level and seniority of involvement. There is no cost or commitment involved with being a BU instructor.

Advantages to Becoming a BU Instructor

BU founding professors