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Price Savings
(over ordering separately)

physical BU diploma*
(with website recognition)
professionally printed on
high-quality parchment paper
$100 + $7.50 S&H -
electronic diploma*
(with website recognition)
high-quality PDF file
printable in various sizes
$50 -
website-only “diploma”*
official recognition on the BU website, with no physical or electronic diploma
$25 -
BU DVD I – Basics and the BU Process $29.95 + $8.50 S&H -
BU DVD II – Exam I: Fundamentals $29.95 + $8.50 S&H -
BU DVD III – Exam II: Skills $29.95 + $8.50 S&H -
Entire BU DVD set (Discs I, II, and III) $79.95 + $11.50 S&H $23.90 off

Entire 5-DVD Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS) set

$129.95 + $12.50 S&H $49.80 off

Entire 5-DVD Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP) set

$129.95 + $12.50 S&H $49.80 off
Mega Package Deal 1:
Entire BU DVD set
and a physical diploma*
$159.95 + $19.50 S&H $43.40 off

Mega Package Deal 2:
Entire BU DVD set, and
entire VEPS and VEPP DVD sets

$329.95 + $17.50 S&H

$117.75 off
Mega Package Deal 3:
Entire BU DVD set,
entire VEPS and VEPP DVD sets,
and a physical diploma*
$379.95 + $25.50 S&H $201.90 off

Monster Mega Package Deal:
Entire 20-DVD Video Encyclopedia series: Pool Shots (VEPS) and Pool Practice (VEPP), Eight Ball (VEEB), the 3-DVD How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS) and Billiard University (BU) sets, the "Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards" DVD and HSV DVD, and Tom Ross' Complete Instruction Works 2-CD-ROM set

$629.95 + $29.50 S&H $596.05 off

*: If purchasing a diploma, please also complete the
online diploma application form.

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