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BU Summer School Boot Camps

These are intensive but fun and rewarding weekends of training and evaluation run by three knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic instructors:

Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave Alciatore

Samm Diep

Randy Russell

Our goal is to help you raise your game to the next level. The Overview Course (see topics covered below) is open and appropriate to players of all ability levels from beginner to advanced. The Advanced Course (see topics covered below) is open only to those who have already taken the Overview Course or who have solid proficiency in all Overview Course topics. In both courses, the instruction is catered to each individual so you can learn at your own pace. BU and PBIA instructor certification and upgrade training is also available for those interested in teaching.

Upcoming Dates and Location

If you didn't get a spot in 2019, please join us in 2020.

Private lessons are also available throughout the year
via Dr. Dave's Pool School or Samm Diep.

Goals of the Programs

Cost for Each Course

To Reserve a Spot

Topics and Skills Covered

Overview Course (for players of all ability levels):

Advanced Course (recommended for people who have already taken the Overview Course, or those having decent proficiency in all of the topics listed above as demonstrated by a good performance on the BU Playing-Ability Exams, with a recommended total score of 85 or above):

If you are unsure about which course to take, the "Overview Course" is probably the best choice.  We get people of all skill levels in that course and we cater the instruction to each individual.

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Recent Graduating Classes

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2018 BU Overview Summer School Boot Camp

2018 Advanced Course
2018 BU Advanced Course

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