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BU Score and Rating

Your BU score is the sum of the two BU exam scores (Exam I + Exam II). The total score determines your rating and playing-ability level according to the following ranges:

BU Score BU Player Level Traditional Player Level Traditional A-D Rating
180-200 pro touring pro (pro) A+++
160-179 semi pro semi pro (master) A++ (AAA)
140-159 advanced-3 tournament player (expert) A+ (AA) / A
125-139 advanced-2 upper advanced A-/B+
110-124 advanced-1 lower advanced B/B-
95-109 intermediate-3 upper intermediate B-/C+
70-94 intermediate-2 mid intermediate C+/C
55-69 intermediate-1 lower intermediate C
40-54 beginner-3 upper novice C-
30-39 beginner-2 mid novice D+
20-29 beginner-1 lower novice D
0-19 beginner-0 absolute beginner D-

The BU rating comparison chart compares BU ratings to other rating and handicapping systems. Unlike league handicap systems and other match-statistics-based rating systems, the BU scoring and rating system is independent of league ability level, which can vary significantly from one league to the next and from one region to the next.  The BU rating offers the significant advantage that it is based solely on individual performance and not on the performance of others.  Therefore, the ratings are meaningful across all regions and internationally. For more information, see the BU Assessment Philosophy page.

BU scores can be adjusted based on table difficulty if you want to put your score in perspective or roughly compare scores on different tables. The details for how to do this are covered in the Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) document, and an Excel TDF calculator spreadsheet will convert your table measurements into a TDF. An online mobile-friendly tool is also available.


Your BU exam score also determines if you have earned a pool diploma according to the following ranges:

BU Score 55-84 85-99 100-124 125-139 140-179 180-200
Bachelors Bachelors
with Honors
Masters Master
with Honors
Doctorate Doctorate
with Honors

If you qualify for a diploma, you can apply online and be officially recognized by the BU.